Just Keep Walking

Dog scared of little dog.
“Get that little yapper away from me.”
A dog showing it's teeth to another dog.
“Oh come on dude, all I wanted to do was say hi. You don’t have to get all mad about it!”
A dog chasing a human up a fence.
“Come here person. I just want pets!”
Dogs with yellow ribbons.
A dog with a "please leave me space" vest.
Two dogs that want to say hi to each other.

Chloe’s Walks

When Chloe was younger, she wanted to meet every dog and every person. She would lunge and bark. Many times I would get people looking scared or hurry up and run to the other side of the road or park. She does have a deep bark, so it probably does sound alarming to people that aren’t used to deep barking. I’ve trained her to just leave what’s going on and just continue to walk. I always make sure that when walking and see another dog, that she is always on my side where she won’t be able to get to the other dog. If the other dog seems out of control, I simply go over to the edge or just walk to the other side of the road all together. There shouldn’t be any fights amongst dogs when owners have control over their dogs.

My Chloe with slobber.
“Mommy, how about we go home and get cleaned up and have a drink?”

Published by Dogwuvr

My love of animals started when I volunteered at a humane society. From there I wanted to teach people how to take care of their precious pets and get the word out about adopting. I went to Animal Behavior College and got my Dog Obedience Certification. I have been working in veterinary clinics and give people information about dogs.

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