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Chloe and Frankie
Mommy and Frankie
Mommy and Chloe
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Chloe and mommy having fun!!

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Hello, I’m Erin

I’m a goofy person that loves be to around dogs!

My blog is all my personal experience and information that I have obtained through the years. My mission is to give people input for free. I never have you buy anything, just my way of giving back!

I’ve been a dog lover all my life. I had a collie named Lucky when I was young (newborn to 7 years old) and a pug named Frankie when I was still living at home. I got married to my best friend, Ben, and my parents couldn’t part with Frankie. So I gave them full custody over him. (I made sure Frankie knew I was still his Mommy!) After moving out, I still needed a dog by my side. I looked on Petfinder.com and found the perfect pup. Six month old Chloe’s (boxer/pit mix) picture caught my eye. She was a little brindle pup with smooshie lips. My husband and I went to meet her and she was so friendly and docile. We had a home check and the next day she was ours!!

“Life is better with a dog by your side”

Since then, I started volunteering at shelters in Indiana. I would help walk all the dogs around for exercise and potty breaks along with taking them to adoption events. I learned so much about different temperaments dogs have. I wanted to help more so I enrolled into Animal Behavior College to become a Certified Dog Trainer. I also started learning and getting certificates in dog CPR and First Aid.

Then my husband, Ben, me and Chloe packed our bags and moved out west to Oregon. (I will be doing a blog about traveling with pets!!) I found a job at Petsmart PetHotel as an animal caretaker. There were always many dogs boarding and coming to doggie daycare. I would supervise over daycares and fed all the animals and of course picked up their messes. I then received a job at a veterinary clinic as a Kennel/Janitorial position. I began learning more about health, surgeries, medicine, and vaccines. I moved on to another clinic that wanted me as a veterinary assistant. That opened my eyes more into what veterinarians do. I worked closely with all the doctors and helped with routine exams to surgery. I also did some dog walking and dog sitting on the side.

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